The title of the content is the first step and one of the main things that attracts the user to the site or the published content you want. If you can’t choose an attractive and controversial title for your content, it won’t attract a lot of audience. Even if your content is very comprehensive, complete and valuable.

The importance of this issue is because, when the user is browsing the search results page, the first thing that is exposed to him from any web page in the search results is the subject of the article content. In order to be able to choose a suitable title, you must first see what problem the audience solves for the article you decide to produce. Then choose a title for it that makes the audience feel that by reading the article, a solution to their problem will be found.

As a result, it can be said that only having a valuable and creative content text is not enough to attract the audience. But the title of the article should be interesting and impressive. Most people are looking for content that has more attractive titles. The more interesting and surprising the title is, it arouses the audience’s curiosity and makes him more eager to continue reading the text of the article.

Writing the title of the content in the form of presenting a solution

Using titles that offer a solution to the audience can be very effective in attracting users. Try to teach your audience how to do something in your content titles. In fact, show them a solution and teach them how to do something right.

Humans naturally seek to learn, that’s why the content whose titles have some form of education and solution are attractive to users. For example: tricks to increase site visits.

Using the topic to avoid the problem

Many users are searching on the web to solve the problem that has arisen or is going to arise for them due to the content of the sites. Using titles that prevent problems from occurring is very attractive for users. By using the content of these types of titles, the user will understand what behavior and performance to show when a problem occurs.

For example: What should we do to prevent unfollowing?

With this type of title, you have shown a solution to the user and in a way, you have turned on an alarm to prevent the audience from having a problem.

Using the phrase “learn more”

As it was said, human being is a creature that is always looking for truths and has an infinite desire to know. Using a title with the phrase “Learn more/Did you know” makes this feature arouse human curiosity and enter the site to read the content of this title.

Undoubtedly, if your audience knows that something will be added to their knowledge and information by reading your article, they will definitely be willing to read the rest of the article. For example: did you know that 63,000 searches are done on Google every second?

Use question title for content

Among other titles that can attract the audience’s attention are question titles. These types of topics stimulate the user’s curiosity and make him read the content to learn about it or even share it with his friends. Therefore, try to use question titles. Most of the time, these types of titles are exactly the same questions that the audience has in mind and is looking for their answers.

For example: Why does every business need SEO?

By seeing the question title of the article, the user feels that by reading this article, he will surely find the answer he is looking for. Also, when you start your title with “why” or any other question letter, it makes the audience unconsciously attracted to that question. Because this “why” may be what he is looking for or that you have created such a question in his mind.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the answer to the question must be in the text of the content. Because if the audience does not get their answer by reading the article, they will no longer trust your site and content.

A hypnotic or stunning title

Use stunning and attractive titles for your site’s content titles. Such stunning titles are called hypnotic state. The meaning of using a stunning title is titles that are hard for the user to believe or do not think at all that such a thing will be possible.

These titles encourage users to read any article. Of course, the important thing to consider in hypnotic titles is that you should not lie. You only have to express the subject in such a way that it shocks the user and hypnotizes him.

For example: 200 million income with only 1000 Instagram followers

The use of numbers in the title of the content

According to the research conducted, using numbers in the title of the content (especially numbers that are odd) increases the user’s interaction with the content by 73%, as well as its sharing on social networks. In fact, the number used in the title makes the user more encouraged to read the article. According to Debra Jason, the brain is very interested in numbers and welcomes them.

Also, according to the research conducted by the Content Marketing Organization, the human brain reacts to odd numbers more than even numbers. Somehow, most of these types of numbers are believed. Because these numbers help users to digest and understand information and make them remember concepts and information easily.

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